Who are the surveys from?

- Companies, brands, charities and other organisations often need to carry out market research to find out about things that are important to their users. The research that Student Hut undertakes is normally commissioned by paying customers, who we will typically reference in the questionnaire.

What are the surveys about?

- Surveys might be on any topic, from mental health experiences to biscuit preferences, Facebook bots to holiday habits.

How we use your information:

- We will treat your personal data ethically and with the highest levels of protection. Any personal information you give us will never be shared with any other party unless you have given us permission to do so. We use the information you give us to help provide you with only the surveys that you will find relevant and interesting, as well as offer highly targeted panel options to the researchers we work with.

How your data is stored:

- All your data is stored on a secure server and can only be accessed by those you have agreed to share your data with.