Being a Neuro Ninja Online Course

We're excited to announce that starting week beginning 4th May we will be running weekly webinars to all Plumpton College students, parents and staff.  

We're partnering with Action Your Potential, an innovative local company who is passionate about helping people learn all about their amazing brains.

Find out more below.

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Being a Neuro Ninja On-Line Course for Parents, Students & Staff

We're excited now to offer the whole of the Plumpton College community a programme of webinars designed to help college staff, students and parents understand their amazing brains. 

It will focus on issues of maintaining positive mental health during these tricky times and much more. 

There are sessions on well-being, the management of anxiety and cognitive distortions, there are also sessions on motivation, how to build positive habits, how to enhance learning and how to support children with practising key skills
whilst learning at home.  

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What is this course about?

Andrew, from Action Your Potential, describes it as:

"A Neuro-Ninja is someone who lives inside their amazing brain, understanding how it works.  Sadly, some of the ways in which our brain reacts to the world are inherently upsetting.  If we're going to get the very best mind every day there are daily activities and mental habits which we all need to carry out.

We'll look at Wellbeing as a skill; how to manage anxiety; what motivation is in the brain and why so many of us spend way too much time procrastinating.  We'll also look at what we know about the science of memory and learning and how to structure our practice to get the most out of our amazing brain.

We're so excited to be bringing this course to you because Plumpton is so committed to helping students, families and staff in an innovative and transformative way."

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The programme will run over 10 weeks starting the week of 4th May.

Each webinar is around 40 mins and you can access it live or later as a recorded version using a password to enter our website. 

Each session ends with some daily life experiments, challenges and strategies for families to try between sessions. 

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Session 1 

Plastic Fantastic – We are living in a neurally-plastic brain and we can, and must, use that to our advantage to make sure we are always challenging ourselves to grow and develop, even when we’re finding things difficult, or struggling, or feeling scared.

Session 2  

What Are We Like? – The revelation that some of the ways our brain operates by default can actually generate psychological suffering.  We explore what these issues are and what to do about them.  A suffering brain is not able to learn efficiently.

Session 3

Well-Being Is A Skill – In this webinar we look at the habits and behaviours our brains and body’s need us to carry out every day to ensure we build the best version of ourselves, ready to deal with the challenges and struggles life will always throw at us.  Self-care, we will learn, is not a self-indulgence, it is fundamental to the functioning of every single one of us and of a civilised society.

Session 4

Getting On And Over Ourselves – In this webinar we look at how the brain is actually a team of rivals.   Circuits evolved at different times to do different jobs, and some of the jobs they do are actually in direct opposition to each other.  This can lead us to experiencing internal conflicts.  We look at what causes this conflict and how to resolve it.

Sesson 5

Being Anxiety Aware - In this webinar we look at the neuroscience of anxiety and what it tells us about how we can resound differently to anxious feelings. If we follow this path we can move towards growth and development without overwhelming our brain’s ancient protective mechanisms.

Session 6

I Will Power – Here we see will power for what it is, a skill.  We look at the neuroscience of will-power and what that tells us about what we should do each and every day to maximise our productivity and will power.  There are some key habits that will change our relationship with hard work if we stick to them.

Session 7

Emotional Awareness and Hygiene – In this webinar we look at the importance of developing a positive relationship with our negative emotions.  We have many more negative emotions available each day than positive ones and our intuitive response to these experiences might be to either ignore or suppress them.  If we do this we are saving up huge problems for ourselves.

Session 8

Learning Is Three Processes, Not One – In this webinar we look at what we know about learning and memory formation in the brain. We explore in detail the concept of practice and offer tips and advice on how to build a great study habit through daily practice. Learning is not simply understanding, it is also about remembering and then being able to use the knowledge or skill that’s been learnt in a novel situation. We’ll dive under the lid of the learning process in the brain in a way the will help all of us manage our practice in a way that aids self-improvement.

Sesson 9

Choose Growth – A webinar about building in daily, weekly, monthly and annual challenges into our lives to help our brain grow.  We are a summation of what we think and do and the more we challenge ourselves the wider the frame of our lives can become, with more possibilities becoming open to us.  Life is struggle, learning is struggle, and we will look at these ideas and how to supportively challenge ourselves to be better every single day.

Session 10

Learn To Rest, Not Give Up -  A webinar all about the Daily Plan, the way we’re going to turn our best of intentions as a Neuro-Ninja into a clarion call for action every day.  If we are going to grow and develop that’s going to involve struggle.  Success and personal growth in life, therefore, becomes a measure not of what you have or haven’t done, but just about the amount of practice you’re willing to put in to master a particular skill.  Managing our productivity by treating well-being (deliberate rest) as a skill is a key part of our journey to enjoy and engage in every day.  Life is a struggle, we struggle and then we rest, and then we get up again and try the next day.

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