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Filling Every Void: Using technology to seamlessly unite teams, collect better student data, and reveal true ROI

“Do more with less.” This is probably a phrase your marketing and admissions teams know well. But, don’t worry — we’ve got a solution to help. 

Thanks to our two-way Slate integration, we can assist in filling the so-called “void” between the goals you’ve been tasked with and your limited budget. Check out our white paper to learn more about how this integration can help you accomplish the following:

  • Improve collaboration between marketing and admissions teams

  • Track marketing spend from initial touchpoint to enrollment

  • Collect meaningful student data

  • Pinpoint chokes in your funnel

  • Discover true ROI

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What's inside?

  • The Voids: What are they and how could they be impacting your success?
  • The impact: How can filling every void set you apart?
  • The Two-Way Slate Integration: How do Slate and Akero work together?
  • Not Using Slate? Learn about your options with other CRMs.
  • The Advantages: How can you use Slate and Akero to your advantage and truly leverege technology at your workplace? 
  • The Next Steps: How to make it all happen.