11th November 2021 - London




It’s here! Think Student Live tickets have landed. So what can you expect from this year’s Think Student Live?

This year’s theme is Brand, insights and purpose: Making an impact on the students changing the world.

At the hands of social media, remote learning and branch campuses, the world of higher education is getting smaller. Which means competition is only getting fiercer. With international recruitment in flux post-Covid, and both national and global markets at the fingertips of so many students, how do you stand out as the first choice in a sea of so many near-identical institutions? How do you uncover the threats and opportunities to your market share, articulate your positioning and achieve your advertising objectives? In other words, why you? 

Now more than ever, it’s all about brand purpose, conveying value and shouting from the rooftop about USPs. At this year’s Think Student Live, we rally experts from all over the world to serve the ultimate masterclass in speaking the student language, getting their attention, and measuring the impact that matters. 

Check out the agenda below 👇



Student Hut Opinion Panel: What students are feeling right now 

Listen in to what happens when students from different universities, backgrounds and parts of the country come together to answer your questions and discuss what it means to be a student in 2020.


How can we make every student feel represented?

In this session, Unibuddy will discuss how harnessing the voice of your strongest advocates, your current students, can give prospects from all backgrounds the chance to see and speak to students who are just like them.


Meet the speakers 

This year, while we can’t all be together in one room, we still want to give you the opportunity to quiz and chat with the experts. So questions at the ready for our Think Student Live speakers, they’re all ears.


Edurank award announcements

How does an Instagram post or a YouTube series stand up in the eyes of 140,000 students? Stick around to see who came out on top and which campaigns were worthy of that student kudos to walk away with the winner’s trophy.

▲ Student Insights

Interview with top student influencer, Ruby Granger

With over 500,000 followers and subscribers on YouTube and Instagram, it’s safe to say Ruby Granger is one busy student. We’ll be sitting down with Ruby for an exclusive interview discussing all things social media, student influencers and the success (and perils) of engaging with tens of thousands of students on the daily.

What we’ve learnt from talking to thousands of students 

Our researchers look to the insights found by the Student Hut Tracker and what we’ve discovered from speaking directly to students every fortnight. From mental health and pandemic panic to loneliness and love lives, we explore how our understanding of student wellbeing can help inform your communication and marketing strategy and plans.

How US students feel about Covid-19 and how this can help us #ThinkStudent

From our New York office, expert Lee dives into the insight gained from analysing 40,000 data points, garnered from deep-dive interviews with over 200 American college students. This session challenges institutions to truly #thinkstudent and to use data-driven insights to inform and pivot content and communications strategies to ensure they are doing and being what students really need right now. 

Black Lives Matter, the focus group

Our marketers shared the findings of a focus group they ran with a panel of Black British students. We listened to how the group felt about the racial prejudices they face every day, as well as how well represented they felt on campus, in faculties, and in the media. They discussed actions that institutions should take to ensure they offer meaningful change and support.

▲ Creative and Strategy

Being brave with branding

Together, Natives and Study in Sweden created a brand that championed quality, freedom, inclusiveness and sustainability; ‘The Swedish Way’. Charlie and Doug will discuss how research formed a critical pillar of this project, creating a space to be bold, disruptive and provocative but also inclusive and welcoming, as all voices were heard to form a brand that can now be owned by all.

Creating a compelling TikTok content strategy

Want to know more about how to create engaging content and compelling campaigns on the student-favourite TikTok? If you’re a Marketing Director considering TikTok in your advertising plans or a content creator wanting to know how to engage, then this event session was made for you.

Student retention: How can universities fight drop-out?

UK university students have gone through unprecedented turmoil throughout 2020. In this session, we delve into our research to examine whether students currently feel supported, how likely they are to drop out and what can be done to avoid this. We will also be looking at whether factors such as gender, ethnicity and socio-economic factors are having an adverse effect, as well as guidance and recommendations for the HE sector on how to help and support students during this time.

▲ Recruitment Revolution for 2021

Digital-only Clearing

For most, Clearing and A-Level Results Day are remembered for u-turns and chaos, but in this session with St George’s, University of London and Akero expert Alex, we look to the wins and celebrations of what came from the first digital-only Clearing project. The success, the impact and the lessons learnt - what can you take away to get ready for January’s upcoming deadlines?

How to understand your true ROI, CPA, and set strategic marketing budgets

In this session, Alex will look at the impacts and results of when you can align your systems through the entire funnel, and in the process, improve conversions, capture more leads, track ROI and set yourself strategic objectives and budgets.

Programmatic OOH 101 

JC Decaux introduces the concept of a ‘Two Screen World’, in order to enhance the effectiveness of strategic Out of Home & online campaigns, and the virtues of programmatic Digital Out of Home.

▲ Mental Health and Wellbeing

How to support yourself, your team and their mental health and wellbeing

Overwhelmed? Stressed? Do you recognise the signs when you need support? When others need support? Mental health is something to be aware of at this challenging time in Higher Education. We invite you to join us to discuss how colleagues are feeling at this time, reflect on our own experiences of stress and share with you some tips that you could take away from the session that we hope will help you now and in the coming months.

Who will be there? 

Leveraging your data and insight to build student loyalty

Nick Willmer, Head of Education, Net Natives

James Brown, Head of Client Services, Net Natives

Natalie Gould, Senior Researcher, Net Natives

Alex Calder, Product Director, Akero


Ben Bolger, Facebook

Tracking impact and measuring cost per enrolment

Alex Calder, Product Director, Akero

Holly Cartlidge, Education Consultant

Winning attention and creating connections with great content

Cem Topcam, Head of Copy and Content, Net Natives

Alex Duffy, Social Media Manager, Manchester Metropolitan University

Yvonne Boateng, Social Media and Content Marketing Consultant

Ask the students: Student Pulse panel


How to harness the power of student influencers

Anastasia Macnaghten, Senior Account Planner, Net Natives

Derin Adetosoye, Broadcast Journalism Student at City at University of London and influencer

The 2021 Clearing student revealed: National Clearing Survey first look with Akero Data Labs

Natalie Gould, Senior Researcher, Net Natives

Alex Calder, Product Director, Akero

Brand positioning masterclass

Jennifer Lonchar, Vice President, Net Natives

Charlie Penrose, Creative Director, Net Natives

Joe Gualtiere, Head of Campaign Strategy - US, Net Natives

Using conscious advertising to communicate your brand values

Tom Setter, Advertising Director, Net Natives

Paul Loftus, Founder and Chief, eduKUDU

Kat Johnson, Ads Manager, One Tree Planted 

Making programmatic advertising human

Tom Setter, Advertising Director, Net Natives

Kaja Szczechura-Evans, Operations Director, Net Natives


International student marketing: barriers and opportunities

Jennifer Lonchar, Vice President, Net Natives

Nick Willmer, Head of Education, Net Natives

Charlene Allen, Education Consultant