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Welcome to our Akero Bitesize webinar series. In this series, our experts at Akero have been speaking on a different topic each week for eight sessions so you can make the most of Akero, and in the second session we covered forms. Catch up with the webinar today if you missed it, or re-watch it for all the essential hacks for creating stellar forms. 

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What we covered

In the second session we discussed forms with you and demonstrated how quick and simple they are to make on the platform. Of course, forms take a variety of shapes and sizes but the key is data capture. We ran through hidden elements, conversion messages and more to ensure you capture the right information needed to connect with your students.

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The voices you heard from:

Julian Pareja
Akero Solutions Consultant

Alex Gage
Client Success Manager

Ioanna Pantelidi
Product Analyst

Get excited for the upcoming sessions covering the best practices of: 

  • A/B testing
  • Email campaigns
  • SMS templates
  • Automation workflows
  • Prospect pipelines
  • Lead scoring

For more specific strategic consultancy or support, please get in touch. 

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