The Salesforce Integration Webinar:

Seamlessly attribute true ROI with Net Natives' integration with Salesforce

If you use Salesforce at your institution and you’re interested in exploring how to streamline processes to get the most out of your marketing and recruitment activity, we’ve got the perfect webinar for you. 

In November 2022, Julian Pareja, our Lead Solutions Consultant, and Olivia Clancy, our Product Success Executive, provided a full Salesforce integration demo. Missed it? You can catch up on all the insights by downloading the webinar today! 


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Before you go...

Would you like to know more about how Net Natives' integration with Salesforce and how we can help you seamlessly attribute true ROI against marketing and optimize your enrollment performance?
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What you'll learn:

  • How to seamlessly optimize your enrollment performance
  • How to achieve a 360-degree view into your marketing pipeline
  • How a full Salesforce integration can benefit you

Hear from our experts:


Julian Pareja
CRO Manager


Olivia Clancy
Product Success Executive