How to understand your true ROI, CPA, and set strategic marketing budgets

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In this session, Alex Calder, Head of Technology Solutions and Partnerships at Akero and Net Natives, will look at the impacts and results of when you can align your systems through the entire funnel, and in the process, improve conversions, capture more leads, track ROI and set yourself strategic objectives and budgets.

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Before you dive right in...

Using the marketing technology you already have in-house, we are going show you how you can improve your conversion rates throughout the recruitment funnel. We're looking to increase visibility of the brand throughout the different stages of the funnel. 

"You need to pull your systems together, to see if prospects drop off, where choke points are, if there is an issue of low-volume, and if you have connected your systems."

Alexander Calder

Head of Technology Solutions

& Partnerships at Akero


In the session, we discuss:

  • How you can track cost per acquisition 
  • Gaining visibility of your student recruitment across systems 
  • Deepen your understanding of the recruitment funnel and where to intervene for maximum impact 

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