The student marketer's guide to: 

Conversions through the funnel 

One of the biggest challenges institutions face is increasing conversions. We've created this whitepaper to highlight the different barriers that prevent your campaigns from reaching their full potential and the actionable steps to implementing a strategy that is guaranteed to convert. 

We know it's crucial to align your technology and your teams for cross-departmental success. Whether you're a Director, Manager or Executive, this whitepaper will help answer your questions around conversion.

Move your students from interest and engagement to application and enrollment today. 👉

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Before you dive right in...

Speak to us about how to improve advertising performance and increase student recruitment conversions by up to 300%.

What's inside?

  • Key student trends and how you can use them to inform and optimise your approach
  • Advice on what marketers at every level can do to boost their conversion rates 
  • A zoomed-in look at the top tips for strategic planners, decision-makers and tactical marketers
  • A guide on how to maximise conversions at every stage of the process
  • The next steps to implementing the tactics and boosting ROI 

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