Conversion Masterclass: The decision-makers

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In this exclusive webinar for Directors, Heads of departments and decision-makers at institutions, our experts looked at the challenges student marketers face, how to identify the metrics that matter, measure return on investment and in turn engage key stakeholders when it comes to talking budget. 

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Would you like to speak to an expert about increasing your conversion rates throughout the recruitment funnel?

What will you learn?

  • The challenges student marketers face when tracking and measuring conversion 
  • How to identify the conversion metrics that matter
  • The ways to successfully measure return on investment
  • How to engage key stakeholders with your strategic plans when it comes to asking for budget

The experts who hosted the session:

Nick Willmer

Head of Education, Net Natives and Akero

Alex Calder

Head of Product, Akero

Joel Arber

Group Managing Director, SUMS Consulting

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