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 Prospect pipelines.

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Not knowing where your prospects are in the recruitment funnel can cause enquiries to slip through your fingers. And in the increasingly competitive education landscape, student retention is key. We introduce to you: Prospect pipelines. 

When you've nurtured thousands of students, it can be difficult to organise your opportunities and leads and know where they are in the funnel. But with prospect pipelines, you can keep your students engaged. This feature will help you and your teams to align your processes and streamline your communications. 

Make drop-off impossible. 👉


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What we covered:

  • How to map out and visualise your internal nurture stages from initial lead capture to enrolment
  • How to create nurture pipelines for different funnels, from events to open days
  • How to automate your processes by feeding pipelines into workflows
  • Best practices in pipeline creation and common faux-pas to avoid

The voices on the session:

Julian Pareja

Lead Solutions Consultant

man smiling

Alex Gage

Senior Customer Success Manager

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